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A dick.

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I wasn't not looking for you, my laptop blew up and I was without a computer for like a month and I just got it back yesterday and oh my goodness how does a person function without internet - Korremar

We don’t function, Korremar. We die temporarily until a magic woman puts our machines back together. Good to see you back, we’ll let you know when we stream shite.

Because Twitch is suckin’ it up lately. ANYONE WHO WANTS TO COME WATCH DARK SOULS, ‘EEEEEEEEYY

but mostly this goes out to Korremar who won’t know we’re not on Twitch. This is for you buddy



Kalasha Nadali is a dinosaur. I’m not sure there’s much more to say than that. Oh wait, except that she’s a space pirate dinosaur throwing down with the space mafia in the comic Dullahan. She belongs to Ben-Yohanan. (benyohanan).

Dr. James Panther is a panther. By which I obviously mean he is an actual literal doctor, a mad scientist, and a sick ultimate frisbee player. He belongs to Declan Garrity (theangriestman).

Kalasha: How fast can you assemble an assault rifle?

Dr. Panther: I can’t assemble one very fast, but I can design a molecule-disintegrating beam rifle before YOU can assemble your bullet-spitter.

Dr. Panther: Are you willing to do things that might under some statutes be considered bestiality?

Kalasha: Babe, in my line of work you take what you can get. I mean, not I’m settling or anything. You seem nice.


Let’s hope the pair enjoy their date, generously funded by OC Cupid…to Dr. Panther’s choice of destination!

Somehow I always knew it would turn out this way. So close, yet so faAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH DINOSAUR! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!

I plan on drawing something for this reveal yes



"Where have you been hiding?  I ain’t leaving tonight without grinding against a hunk like you."

8I  *takes her pile of referenced panther images and gently crushes them against theangriestman’s face… while whispering over and over how sorry she is*


This is far, far more than he expected to get after this night

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My prompt for the 9th for OC Cupid! Worst dates.


Mister Sad
Ronnie Southerland

I’m sorry this is late- as many of mine are gonna be. As well as others’. WE’RE BUSY PEOPLE AND LOVE IS HARD! I love everyone’s entries so far. I wanna draw errybody.

OC Cupid Prompt - MEET ‘N GREET. Sorry it’s late.

I drew some PEEPS

Kinga Bourbon

Lord Vadi

Lilivann Marquis

Kalasha Nadali

Sorry for not drawing them in their OCC attire, I began drawing this before the entries showed up on the 7th.