O B E Y .  S U B M I T.  C O N S U M E.

That’s horrifying, goddamn

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Anonymous asked:

Yo baby, lets turn that software into a hard drive

What is this

is this phishing




there is not one search term here that isn’t magical

It’s like a Discordian scrying mirror.

I laughed (and then cried) for a solid five minutes

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So the video’s fuckin’ weird enough on its own that I can be genuine down here in the notes.

Allan “Pissin’ on the bear” Perez is a genuinely good guy who the world mighta done wrong a few times. But he is a very close friend, I love him, and he has bought me possibly over a hundred dollars in game content right now. He also is a respected mod over at , a Confessions blog of varying relatability and weirdos.

So whoever views me and not him, why dontcha go on over to that blog and give him a… I dunno… Ask… Hatemail… Thumbs up? Five stars.

Remembering I did this two years ago. So I guess in a day or two, my buddy Allan will be 21. A long time ago, at the start of 2010 I believe it was, he just disappeared from the Internet. I didn’t see him anywhere for ten long months, and then he came back telling me he’d gone to deal with what ended up a benign tumor in his head. I was very relieved and happy to have my good friend back.

In about 2013, perhaps around the same time, he started becoming more and more brief. I learned he had taken on TWO jobs on top of college, as his parents seem to have simultaneously lost both their own jobs, however that was. So, now, it’s been roughly another year since I’ve seen him.

I just sort of continue to livem y life, but I desperately, desperately hope I hear from him someday. I hope word maybe reaches him. I can’t think of any remaining connection he has left. Happy birthday (tomorrow) Allan, I still miss you a lot my man.