Throughout the course of human history, there have been truly legendary friendships. 

Chip and Ironicus.

Ray and Roast Beef.

Some others, probably.

About three years ago, come summer later on, I met a dude named Declan in an event that would later, colorfully, come to be referred to as “shit.” We were both young, fresh faced, and wanted to make some good things happen in comics. Years later, not terribly much has changed, except we now have carnal knowledge of each other, and are BEST FRIENDS to boot. Declan’s a real great, genuine, and honest guy. If I ever need to bounce ideas off of someone, he’s always there, and he sure as FUCK won’t bullshit ya. If I had to choose anyone to drive off a cliff with, it’d be him.

Declan is older today, so during the course of your day, why not keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Maybe berate a stranger for not being merrier. Today is a big deal!

I forgot where I was going with this.

It’s my birthday!
So I went in wondering what sort of reference to something I hate would be in Al’s comic this birthday (which I love anyway, like last year’s) but it turned out Al made a Breaking Bad comic chock full of incredible references that was basically amazing throughout.

Thanks Al, I love you. I wanna… Wanna get close to ya… REAL close’n’hear…… yer heartbeat…